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Chas Constructionline

North Hillingdon Methodist Church


When North Hillingdon Methodist Church decided it was time to update their audio-visual equipment, they were recommended to contact Clarity.  They wanted the whole congregation to be able to easily see the words of hymns and any video content being shown.

To achieve this, two 49-inch LED video screens were installed on heavy duty tilting wall mount brackets, as high up as possible on the front wall of the church, one either side of the altar arch. 

A further 49-inch video screen was installed at the rear of the church above the entrance foyer, to allow those leading the service to view the same image as the congregation without needing to turn to view their screens.  As several screens were included in the system it was necessary to provide an HDMI distribution system to ensure the quality of transmission over the distances equired.

Utilising a connection panel installed at the front of the church, the system allows for a laptop/computer to be linked to the three video screens and also the sound system located at the rear of the church.All cabling was installed within suitable containment, carefully routed to minimise the visual impact on the church.

The work included all the cabling for power to existing 13amp sockets, enabling each video screen to be easily switched off from the local socket.  However, all screens can also be switched on/off via the TV IR remote controls.