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Chas Constructionline

Chichester College

West Sussex

Chichester College is a further education college with two campuses.  It has over 20,000 students of whom over 5,000 are full-time. 

Clarity was asked to provide a solution for the installation of a non-networked mock clinical suite at their Chichester Campus.  The finished ‘Roger Miles Suite’ provides a large clinical teaching area which can accommodate up to 100 people in lecture format.  It works well as a round table forum with movable tables and can also be used for a variety of clinical skills courses.  Part of the suite is made up as a 3-bed ward which can be live-video linked through to another space where prospective students can observe activity in the ward.  There are also independent learning pods situated within the suite.

To achieve the completed facility we installed a digital sound system with three independent zones (bedroom 1, bedroom 2 and the control room) each with automatic audio processing, feedback reduction and gain control.  A four-channel amplifier and a paging microphone which can be patched through to any of the three areas was provided and discreet high-quality microphones were mounted on the ceiling of the clinical suite to capture action and comment from the medical trainees. 

In the control room we installed high-quality ceiling speakers for monitoring, while surface-mount speakers were wall-mounted in the ward for bed talkback and effects. 

Static, miniature, high-definition cameras with remote zoom were mounted to the ceiling to capture the action which can be fed back to both the control room and adjacent classroom.

A video switcher in the control room provides the ability to switch between cameras and display them on the screen either individually or as a tiled multi camera view.