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Chas Constructionline

Grove Primary School

Romford, Essex

Clarity are privileged to have had a working relationship with Grove Primary School stretching back over a decade, so when they were looking to equip their brand new studio they knew Clarity could help.

The school wanted to move the sound system installed by Clarity in their existing studio last year to their new studio.  In addition, they wanted an LED lighting system and a projection system for the new room.

Moving the sound system involved relocating the four Yamaha loudspeakers previously installed, installing new cabling and two connection panels to make the system operational from different positions.  The portable sound equipment trolley was then easily wheeled in for use in its new home.

A totally LED colour changing lighting system was installed with one long lighting bar suspended from a beam that runs the length of the room.  A quantity of six colour-changing LED par wash-lights were installed on the bar.  There are many advantages of LED over older halogen systems but the major advantages are that most LED lanterns can be changed remotely to any colour beam and LED is far cheaper to run.  If used 10 hours a week over a school year the lamps will last an average of 60 years.

A wall mounted panel was installed to allow anyone to operate the lights using a very simple push button panel that can select numerous pre-programmed lighting scenes.  As another option of versatile and simple to use lighting control the school provided an iPad that Clarity customised to their lighting program requirements.

A high-power 7,000 Lumen widescreen projector was fitted on a support pole from the lighting bar.  This gives the school the best chance of having a clear image in the hall even in bright conditions.

Finally a remote-controlled, electric projection screen was installed at one end of the room so it can be easily and safely stored away when not in use.