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Chas Constructionline

Belmont Mill Hill Preparatory School


Belmont Mill Hill Prep School contacted Clarity to seek advice on updating their sound system and replacing their old projector. 

To modernise and improve the sound in the school hall, which has a poor acoustic environment, Clarity supplied a new sound system that included two high quality wireless microphones that will ensure anyone using them can be easily heard with no microphone cables in which to get entangled and two new white Yamaha loudspeakers installed at high-level to give good sound coverage.  A Bluetooth media player, amplifier and digital signal processor (DSP) were all also fitted into a portable fully enclosed equipment trolley.  The DSP includes a high-quality feedback reducer, used to gain additional volume from cabled and radio microphones before feedback occurs.  The high-pitched whine or low rumble of feedback can happen on any sound system, but having the correct system components and a feedback suppressor greatly reduces the chance of feedback occurring without compromising sound quality.

The trolley connects to the loudspeakers via two clearly labelled wall mounted connection panels situated at the front and rear of the hall to give flexibility for different types of events.  Another useful improvement is that Clarity installed an app on the school’s iPad customized to their requirements for them to control their sound. 

A 7,000 lumen Panasonic high-brightness widescreen projector was installed that will produce a clear image even in bright conditions.  This was supported from the hall ceiling using a ceiling mounted projector bracket and drop pole.  The existing projection screen was re-used but re-set to the correct widescreen ratio.

HDMI/VGA inputs were installed in two locations in the hall to give more flexibility of operation.  The school’s laptop can be connected to either panel so the audio can be heard through the school’s sound system.

To make operation simple, a wall-mounted control panel (shown above) was installed to control the projector, raise and lower the projection screen and to switch inputs with minimal button presses.