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Chas Constructionline


Hertford, Hertfordshire

Haileybury is a co-educational independent school near Hertford for pupils aged 11 to 18.  The school boasts numerous famous ex-pupils including Alan Acykbourn, Rudyard Kipling, Clement Atlee and Sir Stirling Moss.

Having worked with the school for over 10 years, installing sound and lighting systems in their venues, Clarity were asked to install a new projection system in the Big School Hall.  This involved some challenges as the school wanted a rear projection screen that would sit on a bespoke fixed frame fitted into the modified front wall, as shown above.

A demonstration was provided of the recommended Panasonic high-power 12,000 Lumen laser projector, so that it could be confirmed that it would meet the school’s needs.  The projector was installed in a small room behind the screen.  Due to the relatively short distance from the projector to the screen, a short-throw, wide angle lens was required.  There are several advantages to a laser projector; no ongoing lamp costs as the filter and laser are both rated at 20,000 hours and the perceived brightness of the image to the human eye is up to 30% brighter than a lamped projector.

Two combined HDMI/VGA connection points were installed, one in the room behind the screen which housed the projector and one in the base of a pillar next to the stage.  Finally, a simple to use wall control panel was installed near the stage connection point to turn the projector on and select video sources, all without requiring the use of remote controls which can easily get lost.

Former pupil Rosie Aldridge made her debut at the Royal Opera House three years ago, and not long after this project was completed she returned to perform in the Big School Hall with more than 100 of the pupils and the Hertfordshire Philharmonic Orchestra (pictured above).