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Chas Constructionline

Love's Farm House Community Centre

St Neot's, Cambridgeshire

The Love’s Farm House organization was created by the residents of St Neots to engender the inclusive and caring values of a community.  The focal point of activity is the new community centre building, made possible through grants, donations and other forms of fund raising.

Due to the all-inclusive precepts of the organisation the facility had to be equipped to host the broadest range of events across all age groups. Furthermore since the unit was open for hire to other organisations, clubs and individuals the equipment had to be simple to use and difficult to harm.

Clarity was delighted to be selected to realise this mandate and we furnished the 17m x 9m hall with three complementary system types; sound, LED lighting and projection. We took particular care to ensure that our design was capable of expanding and upgrading as the needs of the community grew.

Sound System:-

The sound system was divided between a fixed metal rack with a lockable glazed door secreted in the hall’s storeroom and a robust portable trolley that can be moved to a location to best suit the type of event being held.

The fixed rack is equipped with an eight channel Yamaha XMV280 amplifier and a Yamaha MTX3 digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP was pre-programmed by Clarity with specific settings for a range of event types selectable by a user at a touch of a button or from an iPad. The rack also houses a Denon DN-500BD Dolby Blu Ray and Denon DN500AV Dolby surround sound processor for film screenings.

The trolley, which is of a rugged flight case construction with a lockable drawer, is capable of being used for day-today activities by instructors or presenters, without them needing to access the fixed control rack. The trolley comprises an eight input stereo mixer, two Shure digital radio microphone systems, a CD/USB, SD card player with Bluetooth connectivity and various inputs for computers, Smartphones or MP3s etc.

Two wall mounted connection panels were installed, one at the front of the hall, the other in the storeroom at the rear allowing the trolley to connect to the hall’s speakers from either location, via the fixed rack. Sound is delivered from seven high level Yamaha loudspeakers one in each corner of the hall plus two sub-woofers and a front of stage speaker for central speech, providing a full Dolby cinema sound experience.

The system also allows external hirers to connect their own devices (MP3 players, Smartphones) to one of the wall panels, without needing direct access to either the flight case or fixed rack.

LED Lighting:-

The variety of stage and wall wash LED lanterns are supported from two 3m long wall mounted lighting bars. The lanterns used are a combination of colour changing and spot, moving LEDs, plus a starburst unit that is a modern day equivalent to a disco mirror ball but with a greater choice of effects.

The lights are controlled from a programmable push button wall panel. For simplicity, Clarity pre-programmed the buttons with different lighting scenes but we also supplied an Artnet node that allows more experienced users to download unlimited lighting settings from an App to the wall panel.

Projection System:-

We installed a ceiling mounted Sony VPL-CH375, 5,000 lumen WUXGA projector housed in a secure metal cage to protect it from damage at a sporting event as well as from the risk of theft. Similar to the sound and lighting systems, we installed two easily accessible wall-mounted connections, VGA and HDMI.

We are very pleased to report that the installation was completed on time, in budget and is in virtual constant use.

“Clarity designed and installed an audio, projection and lighting system for our multi-purpose hall. They demonstrated a high level of technical expertise, a sensitivity to different users' needs and a willingness to work with me to get the most from our budget. The disco lights have been a particular hit with our hirers, from parties to Pilates to baby groups.”Ben Pitt, Chair of Trustees, Love's Farm House