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Chas Constructionline

Knebworth Village Hall


Knebworth’s village hall is a well-used hub of the parish with a meeting room, a large kitchen and a main large hall that can hold up to 200 people. It was for the large hall that Clarity was asked to install a sound system and a noise cut-off system.

Clarity believes that technical systems in multi-purpose environments should allow technical and non-technical users to operate equipment with minimal fuss and effort. With this in mind, the village hall’s sound system was designed for two tiers of operation.

For day-to-day use by all users, the system can be operated simply and easily, without the requirement for technical knowledge or for a technician to be present. For events such as theatrical productions and large meetings, external hirers such as drama groups can connect their own control desk to the installed system to ensure the operators (in this case often those with experience and some technical knowledge), can obtain the professional results that users strive for.

A metal equipment rack with a lockable door was installed on the stage containing a simple to use mixer and a number of input devices including CD/media and DVD/Blu Ray players, with radio microphone systems plus the amplifier. A digital sound processor was included to ensure the best possible sound is achieved in the acoustic environment. Additionally, the rack has a storage drawer and front mounted connection panels (to avoid anyone needing to delve into the rear of the rack to connect any remote equipment) plus additional audio sources including computer, MP3 and cabled microphone inputs.

A noise limiting system was also installed for when external hirers have a band, DJ or entertainer to provide the music. The system cuts the power if the designated sound level is exceeded for a pre-set time. A visual indicator advises the users if the system is set too loud. The newly installed sound system is also set with a maximum level, to prevent excessive sound levels.