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Chas Constructionline


Locations all over the country

Trampoline parks are the latest craze to sweep America and have now been brought to these shores by Jump-In who has plans to take the phenomena nationwide. To aid their ambitions roll out plan Jump-in hired the services of Drama by Design consultant Andy Stone who in turn came to Clarity for our expertise in installing the sound, lighting and video systems.

Trampoline park sites are vast indoor spaces with high ceilings, similar in size to aircraft hangers. The challenge as far as Clarity is concerned is how to effectively install sound and lighting in such a huge and generally acoustically unfriendly structure.

At the time of writing we have completed four sites and they all follow a similar theme. Sound is delivered to the trampolining area from a central cluster of Martin Audio CDD12 loudspeakers hung from the ceiling typically 12m from the ground. Each speaker is tilted down and angled towards each corner of the building to provide full sound coverage over the trampolining area.

The speakers are connected to a sound rack furnished with a QSC amplifier and a DBX digital signal processor programmed by Clarity to compensate for the buildings acoustics. The system, via a Cloud Electronics mixer/zoner also accepts various audio inputs for music, DJs, public address and a paging microphone.

We lit the spaces using over 20 colour changing LED Pars and also added a mirror ball, LED high power spot lights and ultra violet (UV) lights.  The UV lights work particularly well against the material of the trampolines.

Knowing that no entertainment facility is complete without video, we installed a very powerful ceiling mounted projector to throw large images directly onto one of the unit’s walls at the Enfield site.

Each trampoline park has a separate training area where the guests learn how to maximise the fun experience while remaining safe. We equipped the training rooms with 42” screens, a Yamaha mixer/amplifier and a radio headset microphone for the trainer. Sound is played through JBL Control 1 loudspeakers.

“We have worked with Clarity on a number of AV projects and they have always successfully delivered to a high standard against challenging time scales. The staff are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable with the flexibility to accommodate changes to the project requirements.”Andy Stone of Drama by Design
Jump-In for Joy!