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Clarity in Community Audio Visual
Clarity in Community Audio Visual
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In addition to our comprehensive one-year warranty on equipment and installation Clarity offers additional pre-, and post-sales services that are there to give peace of mind.

Design & Consultancy iconDesign & Consultancy

More often than not the difference between a poor audio-visual experience and a great one comes down to the system design. Very few companies possess the breadth of experience and the depth of technical expertise to truly understand how to; install sound into a lofty church, architecturally light a swimming pool and provide AV systems with the flexibility to satisfy the multitude of applications required by a school. Whether you are our end client or a business in need of a consultancy service, our experts will conduct a site survey and discuss your present and future needs, to ascertain the equipment and layout necessary to achieve the optimal audio-visual experience for your specific environment. Our detailed quotations, include equipment and installation costs that are mindful of your budget. Subsequently we will generate the necessary schematics specifying electrical supply, networking and fixing points. If it is a new build or refurbishment we will liaise with your contractors to ensure an aesthetically pleasing installation.


Clarity offers single and multiple year service contracts that can prolong the life of your equipment, minimise the risks of a technical hitch disrupting an event and identify potential electrical or fire safety hazards. Due to our nationwide engineering coverage buying a service contract, even if your system did not originate from Clarity, is extremely cost effective.

Service actions performed:

  • Remove dirt and dust from equipment and filters that could cause malfunctions or fire due to overheating
  • PAT test overhead equipment such as lighting bars and lanterns for electrical safety
  • Check integrity and safety of all heavy equipment fixings and tethers (speakers and lighting bars etc.) tighten as required
  • Clean lighting bars and lanterns and rehang lanterns
  • Check the life of projector lamps and refocus projectors
  • Check that radio microphones are not contravening radio spectrum regulations
  • Check operation of all equipment

Clarity offers a free customer training session at the completion of a system installation. If at some later date you have a change in personnel, we can offer a follow-up training package. We are also available by phone or email to answer technical or operating questions.


We carry out repairs on a wide range of sound, lighting and audio-visual equipment either on-site or in our workshop. We can also resolve complex issues including microphone feedback and poor acoustic performance.


In concert with our repairs activity we carry a number of spares as well as consumables such as lamps, fuses, batteries, connectors, colour filters, gobos, leads, etc.