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Chas Constructionline

Perseid School

Morden, Surrey

The OFSTED outstanding special educational needs school undertook a large-scale rebuild of its secondary campus. As part of this investment Clarity was selected to create two immersive sensory rooms plus sound, lighting and projection systems for a school hall.

Sensory Rooms

Perseid School is dedicated to providing a stimulating environment in which their pupils can learn and develop. When designing the systems for sensory rooms, Clarity knows the importance of providing a calming, and sensually stimulating space. Both rooms were designed to be as uncluttered as possible, in order to provide a conducive one-to-one learning environment. We selected Bose loudspeaker systems since we recognise that high quality sound reproduction which is fundamental to achieve full aural stimulation.

For a truly immersive sensory experience, Clarity supplied interactive wall and floor projection systems that react to movement and a light beam projection system that triggers sound and image effects when the beams of light are broken. These systems are great for teaching cause and effect, motor skills and colour/image recognition. Clarity supplied full training in the use of these systems and the creation of projection templates. This allows the school to easily make templates that best resonate with the interests of individual students. The sensory rooms were also equipped with colour changing LED lighting systems from Pulsar Light of Cambridge.

School Hall
Perseid’s new school hall provides a large multi-purpose space used for theatrical productions, assemblies, presentations, dance classes and other events. The hall can be partitioned to create two smaller halls, consequently we provided portable drapes as well as electrically operated fixed drapes. For the provision of sound we installed QSC Acoustic Design loudspeakers combined with QSC amplifiers. These give clear and concise sound reproduction with assured reliability for years to come. Using simple patching enables the hall to be used in any configuration. Furthermore, the school can connect Clarity’s portable equipment trolley at any connection point and easily control the sound, LED lighting and projection from a choice of locations.

The projects described above were the start of a long-term relationship with Perseid. Clarity has now completed five sensory rooms, two school halls, a soft play room, a music room and more.

“We're loving the sound system in the school hall, it is SO easy to use and makes such a difference. It's such a pleasure to work with you guys!”Perseid School